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Pepe Inu! Merging the legendary meme magic of Pepe the Frog with the iconic charm of Inu tokens, Pepe Inu is set to ribbit its way to the top.

Don't miss out on this blend of meme culture and crypto craze.

Dive into the pond of potential profits, and let Pepe Inu guide you to the land of green!

Remember, it's not just a token, it's a hop-portunity! 🐸🚀




1% Buy Tax

1% Sell Tax

Max Wallet 1%
Max Txn 1%


Phase 1

- Smart Contract & Launch
- Community & Socials organic growth
- Dextools update
- Etherscan update
- Influencer Partnerships

Phase 2

- CMC & CG Listing
- NFT & Staking Release
- Press Releases, YT Campaigns
- X Spaces

Phase 3

- Marketing Agencies Partnerships
- Global Community Expansion
- CEX Listing
- Further development